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Dirty bongs can be harsh and can sometimes ruin your herbal medication with the foul smell it releases. Dirty bongs can also put you at risk of lung damage when continuously used. It is best to clean it as soon as you notice the dirt build up as it may ruin your smoking experience. With Enviresin’s Bong & Pipe Cleaning solutions, you don’t have to worry about bacterial build-ups in your bongs. These solutions will not only save you from endlessly scrubbing and wiping your bongs and pipes with possible harmful chemicals but also save you time and money with its super affordable bundle packs.

Clean It for Your Greens

It’s always safe to check the solutions you use for cleaning your bongs and pipes. Enviresin offers environment-friendly and toxic-free bong cleaners from trusted and quality brands, saving you from possible lung infections and takes you a step closer to cloud nine.

Their cleaners can be used in cleaning even the most stubborn stain build-ups that usually cling to the bottom which is difficult to reach using rags and old coat hangers. With just enough drops of the solution and a little shaking, those pesky bacterial build-ups can be easily rinsed and poured down the drain. Your bongs will be spick and span and will be as good as new.

  • Res Gel Glass Bong & Pipe Cleaning Solution

Res Gel is a product of Resolution, capable of cleaning your bongs with shaking. Just pour a small amount of the solution and close the lids using the Res Caps that come with the product. Shake it well. You’ll be able to use your bongs again without worrying about those sneaky grimes.

  • Klear Kine Cannabis Cleaner Bundle

Klear Kine products are also powerful solutions formulated to clean even the toughest grime build ups inside your bongs. Their popular cleaner, Kryptonite, is perfect for cleaning your bong’s water pipes. This is the only solution known for bong cleaning that has passed Colorado Health and Safety Board tests. Naked is another bong cleaner known to have 100% free of dyes and perfumes. These solutions not only ensure your bong to be in excellent condition but also guarantee safety.

  • Scrubber Ducky Bath Water Concentrate

This solution naturally removes tough stain build-ups on any glass surface. Scrubber Ducky Bath Water Concentrate is perfect for glass bongs and pipes. With Scrubber Ducky’s magnetic scrubbers, you can say goodbye to those hidden resins and say hello to a shiny, good-as-new, ready-to-use bongs.

Be Clean, Be High

Enviresin is a one-stop online shop for your bong and pipe cleaning needs. They offer top brands of solutions in just a click. You do not have to go out and look for the best cleaning solutions for your glass pipe buddies anymore. With Enviresin, you can buy top selling and trusted brands just for you. Save the hassle and the money, purchase your bong and pipe cleaning products with Enviresin now!

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