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Organic home gardening can be confusing at best for beginners. What matters the most is the choice of plant nutrition. Suite Grow is a 100% natural nutrient, which is best used for the veg stage, to encourage the growth of healthy leaves and stems. If you check for suite leaf plant nutrients at Ledab, you will find this among the popular choices. Here’s a quick review for your help.

Why choose Suite Grow?

Suite Grow is considered ideal for early growth stages. It contains the required concentration of natural ingredients and has been made and formulated in the US. It helps in getting strong stems and healthy leaves, especially for indoor hydroponic cultivation. It is the ideal source of all soluble macro nutrients and is helpful for nurturing nitrogen. Macronutrients included are Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus, which also makes it perfect for greenhouse home gardening. All Suite Leaf plant nutrients, including this one, is endorsed and favoured by plant cultivation pioneer Danny Danko, which also adds to its popularity. All liquid fertilizers and amendments from this brand have been tested and contain natural ingredients that have been sourced rightly and used to create products in the United States.

Buying the product

Suite Leaf – Suite Grow is available in comfortable sizing options, depending on your requirement. The smallest one is 250 ml, while there are extra-large order sizes of  55 Gallon too. Buyers can check for guaranteed analysis of the product online on their website. The brand recommends using this product with room temperature water, and it is best to shake the gallon/bottle before use. For those who want to get more, they can also check the Suite Leaf – Starter Kit Organic Additives, which is just ideal for anyone who has little knowledge of organic home gardening. Online stores often have better deals and offers, which is the reason why many buyers prefer such sites.

Final word

Expectedly, Suite Leaf – Suite Grow comes with a feeding chart, which really helps in understanding the requirements of plants. Suite Leaf – Suite Bloom, Suite Leaf – Bioactive Humates and Suite Leaf – Cal Mag Maximizer are some of the other products. Please refer to the feeding chart and product descriptions to know more on use.

If you are trying to avoid those fertilizers, Suite Leaf has the products that you need, and Suite Grow is certainly one of their stellar inclusions.

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