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Published On May 26, 2017 | By Jadri Antiro | Energy

Everyone’s already doing it – they’re implementing green methods for improving the energy efficiency of their properties. If you have yet to upgrade your home with energy saving approaches, then you are missing out on savings and the ability to say that you are a “green” homeowner. Here are a couple of tips that you can use to get started with your conversion from a traditional home to a green home.

Using Green Framing for New Construction Homes

If you have yet to build your home, you can use green framing as a way to insulate your home. Compared to traditional insulation, the R-Value of green framing is lower. R-Value is a system used to measure the thermal resistance to heat flow, based on the thickness of a material. With this being known, you can build the exterior walls of your home at 24” thick on center versus 16”. This will reduce the cost for materials, while increasing the R-Value of your home. It’s important that the stud under the truss is one inch.

Using Bracks for Your Trimmers

Using Simpson brackets will allow you to enhance the insulation around your windows and doors. You can use this to replace the traditional trimming that you have. Majority of the air that leaks from your home goes through the cracks in your windows and doors. By upgrading them, you’ll be able to keep inside air in and lower your power bill.

Why You Energy Trusses

The home’s eves are the worst place of the home because that’s where majority of the heat escapes. Traditional trusses are the root of the problem – they don’t provide sufficient space for proper ventilation of these areas. By using energy trusses, your home will have full eve insulation. They’re cost effective and will drastically lower the energy consumption of your home. Another option is to go to your local home improvement store and purchase ridged foam insulation, which is denser. This is placed along the eves of your attic, bringing the R-Value up.

Replacing Your Windows

As mentioned, the windows of your home are one of the key factors for energy efficiency, but in this case, you should look into getting tinted windows. This will help to reduce the amount of heat let in by sunlight during the summertime. Not all areas of the home will need tinted windows, just the ones that receive lots of sunlight throughout the day. Most local contractors will be able to help you with determining what type of windows you should have in each of the rooms of your home. One type of window that is available are Low-E, argon filled windows. Then during the winter, clear windows are better to have, since sunlight acts as a natural heater.

Remodeling your home with energy efficiency in mind is something that every homeowner should do. Whether you’re building your home from scratch or renovating an already-built property, you can use these tips to assist you with your project.

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