How to Determine if your Humidifier is Actually Working

Published On February 22, 2017 | By Jadri Antiro | Water Storage

Whether it is winter season or it is just dry in the area you are living, the absence of moisture in the air can lead to several health problems ranging from dry skin and nosebleeds to cracked paint and peeling wall paper. In an effort to control the humidity and eliminate the health problems and household annoyances, many people turn to humidifiers.

Humidifiers work by sending water into the air therefore increasing humidity to a more comfortable level. For optimum comfort and health, humidity levels should be maintained between 30 and 50 percent. Any less and mucous membranes will dry out; any higher and bacteria will grow.

With a humidifier, it is now possible to effectively relieve cold, nasal congestion, dry nose, throat lips and itchy skin. With a humidifier, you need a humidifier filter. Without it, the hot air will not manage to pick up the moisture that’s needed to make the air humid. Without the humidifier filter, a humidifier on its own cannot enhance the air quality of your home. Over time, you need to change your humidifier filter at the start of every heating season.

This is because with the passage of time, a humidifier filter can become clogged, brittle or become unable to contain water. As a result, it cannot work properly. Moreover, the impurities gathered from the air and water can contaminate the filter, causing them to be circulated throughout your home.

If your humidifier filter is working properly you will:

  • Breath more easily

By trapping allergens, dust, pollen and smell, a humidifier filter is able to keep the bedroom comfortable during the winter months by improving the air quality. It therefore helps to relieve nasal congestion, breathing problems, skin conditions and dry throat conditions.

  • Sleep better

If the filter is working properly, you will be able to sleep better and say goodbye to night time congestions and skin conditions. You will therefore not need decongestants anymore.

  • Notice improvements in your skin condition

A humidifier filter that’s working will help skin conditions such as eczema immensely. Anytime you have heat in a room, it’s going to deprive the atmosphere of moisture. Therefore, a humidifier helps put that back in so that your skin does not feel like it has been really dried out when you wake up. Before long, you will notice improvements in your skin condition.

  • Feel better

If previously you were having a lot of cold or allergic symptoms such as runny nose, headaches, scratchy throat and other symptoms, if you start feeling the difference, it means your humidifier filter is working. This is because all the harmful substances have been removed from your air supply.

  • Notice it looks dirty

The easiest way to check its effectiveness is to see how dirty the filter is. Of course if it’s working properly, it should be covered in gray sogginess.

So, if you suffer from itchy eyes, sore throat or cracked lips, a humidifier may bring you the much needed relief. This is particularly so during winter when humidity levels are generally lower. Just remember to clean or change the filter regularly based on the model and you will be good to go.You can find the most effective and high-quality humidifier filters at

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