How to Start a Vegetable Garden on a Budget

Published On September 27, 2018 | By Jadri Antiro | news

Thinking of starting a vegetable garden? Lots of people are doing it. Not only does it shave hundreds of dollars off your grocery bill each year, but growing your own food is a lot safer and fresh than buying from any grocery store or farmer’s market. There are lots of crops you can begin growing and using in delicious meals, but it’s going to come at a cost. If you’re pretty strapped for cash, however, there are still ways to start your vegetable garden for cheap.

Use a Small Loan

Anything that benefits your health and your wallet is a win-win. If you don’t have the money right now to start your own vegetable garden, you can always take out a small loan. Even if your credit sucks, there are bad credit installment loans you could qualify for. The loans vary in size from $100 to $1250 and can be deposited into your account within one business day. You can use the funds to cover the cost of things like gardening tools, seeds, dirt, and other supplies.

Be Creative

You don’t have to spend all your money on expensive gardening supplies. Lots of what you need can be recycled from old things you or your neighbors no longer have a use for. For example, if you want to build a raised garden bed, you can get wood from an old bookshelf. Some people even start growing their crops out of a tire. Try to see what you can reuse for free or cheap to cut the cost of starting your garden.

Make Your Own Compost

Buying compost is a waste when you can make it yourself from home. All you need is a container some dirt, worms, and scraps from your kitchen to make a good compost for your crops. You can throw everything in there from grass clippings and fallen leaves to dog food and wood pieces.

Collect Rainwater to Save on Utilities

Your vegetables will need to be watered frequently. Hosing them down often can result in high water bills. Instead, place large containers in an exposed area outside your home to catch the rainwater. Though it may not be a ton of water, it can help cut back on the cost of maintaining your garden.

A Little Vinegar Keeps the Weeds Away

Weed killers and other gardening sprays can cost a lot. You can slash those costs by using vinegar instead. You can spray a small amount of vinegar around the plants to keep pesky weeds from ruining your crops.

Use Veggies From Your Fridge

If you don’t have the cash for seeds you can still start crops. All you need are some vegetables from your fridge. Place the vegetable in a container and start the rooting process in water. Then, transfer the root to the dirt to begin growing your own batch of veggies.

You can start your own vegetable garden on a tight budget. Even if you have to start with a window garden and work your way up, the benefits of investing in this healthy method of living are plentiful. You and your family can enjoy fresh, organic vegetables that are better for them – and a lot more affordable.

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