Refine, Recycle: Turn Those Scrap Computer Boards into Cash

Published On June 18, 2017 | By Jadri Antiro | Renewable Energy

What does it mean to refine something? When an object or product is refined, the impurities or unwanted elements have been removed. This process is used in a number of industries, including the process of recovering precious and valuable metals from unwanted computer boards. In fact, some innovative companies now specialise in this field, using chemical refining and melting processes to separate these valuable materials from the rest of the boards.

Of course, the key to making this process work successfully for a business is to not only be able to understand the special processes used but also to know which scrap units contain material that is valuable. Many computer boards, including circuit boards and modem boards, have metals in them that are essential to their operation. But when that board is no longer in service, it takes technical expertise and equipment to evaluate their worth and extract the materials.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you are in business and have a collection of obsolete scrap computer boards, you’d be wise to get in touch with the specialists at They’ll be happy to work with you to determine which units that you have contain valuable materials. They will also discuss with you the correct process for gaining access to those metals, etc. After all, they are professionals who purchase scrap computer boards, precious metals, and high-value metals.

To get a better understanding of the value in these obsolete and scrap boards, you can visit the website to gather all the information that you need. When you talk to someone representing the refining specialists, you’ll find that their prices for computer boards and metals are very competitive. The process from start to finish is efficient and cost-effective, always completed in-house with environmentally sound methods.

Of course, working with these materials is sometimes considered “hazardous” so it’s important to work with a firm that is registered with the Environment Agency for hazardous waste. During the refining process, all materials collected are recorded for traceability. Hazardous elements and waste are disposed of according to current environmental legislation. This may be the best way to dispose of unwanted circuit boards in the most responsible manner.

There’s More

Gold is often used in integrated circuits and computer boards because it’s an excellent conductor of electricity while also being resistant to corrosion. Not only was it a good choice for producing new boards but the gold also makes the unwanted units valuable. It’s important to use up-to-date technology to strip those boards of metals.

Final products include gold removed from integrated circuits, reusable circuits that can be distributed for further use, gold plate plugs and connectors that can be refined, layers containing precious metals, and edge connectors that can be chemically refined. The value of these metals has continued to rise in the last few years, making it more profitable to recycle and refine printed circuit boards. Before you toss those old computers or throw away some of their component parts, you may want to talk to a refining specialist to find out how much value they have.

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