Using Art to Raise Awareness About the Environment

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In 1872, the government protected the first lands that would later become a national park. This land was in Wyoming and Montana, and it become Yellowstone National Park. The national park system was created to protect some of the most scenic or unique natural areas in the country, and it includes several hundred unique parks today. Another purpose of the national park system is to protect vital ecosystems and to preserve habitats for native wildlife as well. While many individuals played a major role in the development of the national park system over the years, John Muir stands out for his devotion to conservation and protection. In fact, he co-founded the Sierra Club more than a century ago, and numerous natural areas have been named after him. The Sierra Club continues to be active in promoting environmental conservation.

Exploring the Art of Nature 

While the national park system serves the important purpose of conservation and protection of gorgeous and fragile ecosystems, individuals continues to recognize the serenity and prestige of nature through art. Some artwork features beautiful landscapes, and more unique pieces feature maps of famous hiking trails, national parks, mountain ranges, historic trails and more. Through these unique pieces, the history and preservation of natural areas is explored in detail. Artwork is commonly available on canvas or in print, but it is increasingly common to portray beautiful, nostalgic or eye-catching images on clothing, such as on t-shirts. This allows those who feel passionately about the environment to raise awareness in their own unique way.

Supporting the Environment 

Regardless of whether you are looking for artwork for your home or office or you intend to wear clothing that features this type of artwork, it may make sense to support the environment through your purchase. Some companies that sell this type of artwork use recycled materials to produce the art. More than that, they may donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization that supports environmental causes. In this way, you may maximize the benefit of your purchase.

One company that focuses on natural artwork is Muir Way. This company was named after the reputable conservationist John Muir, and its products generally feature maps of national parks, hiking trails and more. The artwork from Muir Way is available on recycled materials, including canvas and print paper. The t-shirts that the company sells also features similar map images, and the shirts are also made out of environmentally-friendly materials. A portion of all of the company’s proceeds are donated to Muir’s organization, Sierra Club. If you are passionate about the environment or are concerned about the protection of our national parks, it makes sense to support Sierra Club and other conversation organizations through your selection of artwork, clothing and more.

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