Using Landfills waste to providing Energy To Company

Published On November 10, 2017 | By Jadri Antiro | Renewable Energy

In event of you searching for a good solution for your environment and working atmosphere needs, you would come across several companies offering superb solutions. However, not all would be suitable to your specific needs. Nonetheless, you should search for the right company offering the correct solution for the company heating needs without compromising on the environment. The solution offered by the company should not hamper the environment in any manner whatsoever. Among the several options that several companies have been looking forward to invest, your best bet would be biomass boiler. As the name suggests, the boiler would be environment friendly.

The Fitted Bedroom specialist, DM Design has invested approximately £250,000 in the installation of biomass boiler in the head office in Cumbernauld. With such a huge investment, the company really looks forward to saving yearly consumption of energy. The company looks forward to saving nearly £10,000 on energy bills annually. In addition, the company looks forward to saving approximately fifty skiploads of landfills annually. The ultra-high-specifications 150kW boiler would require wood for burning. However, the company has been smart in feeding the wood to the boiler. The boiler would be given wood accumulated from old bathroom and kitchen units removed from various customers.

It would be pertinent to mention here that the boiler has been popular for removing dust from the atmosphere. They would ensure that around 30-strong factory teams would be given clean working atmosphere. Ben Taylor, operations director of the company were of the opinion that the boiler would provide clean working environment along with saving money.

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